Photo coming soon. Until then, pretend there’s a photo of a real cool guy.

Patric Hopper (…DJ King of the Hill?)

Patric, who is related to Dennis Hopper* is a pretty cool guy. How cool? Well, we hired him for starters, and we’re pickier than a celebrity on Tinder. Patrick can make conversation about any topic and within minutes of knowing Patric you’ll feel like you’ve been friends for a long time. His easy-going attitude and confidence in what he does will make you feel at ease. As a DJ, Patric will always turn up the heat.

No. Literally. Patric also sells propane and propane accessories** so he’ll tell you h’what: you won’t have anything to worried about while he’s in charge. If you’re looking for someone who not only appreciates music, but their responsibility at make your event the best one ever, Patric is your man. Also, should your event needs copious amounts of propane***, Patric can help you there, too.

*This is totally a lie
** This is not a lie
*** We are not responsible for your guests playing with fire. We suggest using Patric’s mixtape as an alternative source of heat.