Kelly Suit (Big Boss Dawg)

Owner, Kelly Suit, is the consummate professional in Orlando, Tampa, Lakeland working as a full time DJ / entertainer for more than twelve years and perfecting–blah blah blah. Sorry, I forgot this isn’t LinkedIn. Let me tell you who Kelly really is. Kelly is the kind of guy who you can instantly connect with.. like Legos™! He has worked many kinds of events, more than most DJs (Klingon Wedding, anyone?) and can put that insane amount of experience to build something incredible… like Legos™!


Kelly is easy-going, personable, polished, and likes long walks on the beach. However, Kelly’s also very good at adapting himself to events that may need a different fit.. like Duplos with Legos™! (No, really, you can connect Duplos to Legos, look it up). In all seriousness, we like to think we’re pretty darn successful, and that success didn’t come by accident either. Kelly’s passion for excellent in both event experience and customer service is what made A Premier Entertainment’s My Dream Reception one of the most well-known companies in Lakeland, Orlando, Tampa, fill in your city here.
And just like Legos, Kelly’s an integral part of keeping the team together and someone we just don’t want to step on. 🙂



(PS- Thanks to Marti Newkirk Photography for Kelly’s photo! Much better than the one from his 5th birthday party I was going to post).