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Joel Woodside (Your personal Fred Astaire)

Joel is bright, energetic, fun, and lovable DJ with a deeply-rooted passion in music and dancing. Heck, look a this guy’s photo- who wouldn’t want him as their DJ? Yes, we know the VERY first thing you’ll ask about our super-cool-awesome-high-five DJ, Joel: did we steal him from the Disney Channel™?


No, but we can see how you’d think that. You have to see Joel at a reception! This guy will go table to table introducing himself, he’ll make you smile from the DJ booth, and if a Dougie contest busts out and someone challenges him? Oh, it’s on. Joel quickly went from DJ-in-training to DJ-training-the-rest-of-us-how-not-to-look-like-an-awkward-hot-mess-on-the-dancefloor. His energy is abundant, without being overpowering, and his love for music means you’ll get a handcrafted selection of great music choices to make your crowd Shazam your entire wedding.

And who doesn’t want their wedding Shazam’d?