Arnoldo Offermann (“His Instagram is 50% DJ gear and 50% cats.”)

Look at this guy point at you while doing the wiki-wiki on the turntables and holding a microphone- every DJ company needs a photo like that to be taken seriously, right? Arnoldo (he calls himself DJCraziAce, but we have other names for him) is a master at mixing music, and will give your event a club vibe like no one else can. He’s also taken color-matching to a new obsession (he’d color match his hair if he could) but those are the signs that he’s paying attention to every small detail.

Polka, 1940s country, pan-flute jazz…. these are all genres he hasn’t played. What he does play, however, will get you to dance. Everything from the cocktail hour to the grand exit will have you jamming out and dancing along. If he’s not mixin’ like crazy behind the turntables, it’s because he’s mixin’ it up at the buffet table. (We’re kidding of course, he has an assistant for that).

Seriously though, this guy will give your wedding a vibe like nothing else will. Unless Maroon 5 crashes your reception, that was pretty cool, too.