Our team rocks!

Let’s be honest here, every part of a wedding is important; but ultimately it comes down to entertainment. If your DJ and MC are corny, boring, or just plain typical, your friends and family will get restless or, even worse, you won’t have the absolute 100% best time on the most important day of your life. You see, this is where we are different.
We will NOT bring some cheese-ball in a penguin suit (and really, we do love penguins… and cheese balls for that matter). We will not bring some dork who thinks the Chicken Dance and the Hokey Pokey will make your party fun/turnt-up/rad/groovy/bees knees/insert your own phrase here.
Oh, and we won’t bring that typical DJ you see in the movies… you know the kind, right? One with greased-back hair, a Hawaiian shirt with armpit stains, and a special affection for bridesmaids.


What we’re bringing is someone vibrant, polished and professional, and fun. Our entertainers are the kind of people whom you meet and say “yeah, I’d totally chill with them.”

And how easy is planning a wedding with us? Just tell us what you want to see and we’ll simply tell you “Cool; You got it.”

So with that said, let’s meet the best roster of Lakeland, Orlando, and Tampa DJs:


Stetson (the engineer that could)


Arnoldo – DJ/crazy cat guy


Kelly – Big Boss Dawg